抵抗新自由主義全球化,掉棄世貿!- 國際移居人士聯盟成員之亞洲移居人士聯盟聲明稿

抵抗新自由主義全球化,掉棄世貿!- 國際移居人士聯盟成員之亞洲移居人士聯盟聲明稿


For the rights of workers and an end to forced migration
Resist neoliberal globalization, Junk WTO!

Statement of the Asian Migrants’ Coordinating Body – International
Migrants Alliance (AMCB-IMA)

A new wave of neoliberal globalization offensive is set to be unleashed in the 9th Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization (WTO) that will aggravate the hardships of the workers and people, intensify displacement and forced migration, and trample on sovereignty of nations.

We, migrants and people, should resist the new round of WTO negotiations, advance campaigns for our rights, and continue to advance the anti-imperialist movement against neoliberal globalization, plunder and war.

Working under the design of neoliberal globalization policies of liberalization, deregulation and privatization, trade negotiations and agreements in the WTO that include every considerable goods and services have only worsened the crisis experienced especially by poor countries. In a world that is socio-economically unbalanced and politically subservient to the interest of imperialists, chiefly the United States, WTO policies have eroded economies – industry, agriculture, service – of many countries, intensified monopolies of capital and goods, and have plunged the world in multiple crisis including food scarcity, financial instability and environmental destruction.

This December in Bali, Indonesia, the WTO is set to finalize agreements on agriculture, concerns of least developed countries or (LDCs), and on trade facilitation. These agreements will complement other neoliberal globalization-driven negotiations including the Trade in Services Agreement or TISA that is widely-considered as worse than the General Agreement on Trade in Services or GATS, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement or TPPA that is even worse than the WTO!

However much the WTO sugarcoats its agenda, it has been proven that neoliberal globalization only leads to further exploitation and oppression of the people.

For migrant workers, it will mean the further deterioration of our home country’s economy and the systematization of the labour export program. WTO agreements will lead to more rural displacement, constricting access to basic social services, loss of jobs and livelihood, and general dislocation of people.

While in destination countries, WTO thrusts will further cheapen migrant labour, restrict their civil and political and rights and promote temporary labour programs (or guest workers programs) that expose migrant to risks of abuses and worker’s rights violations. The heightened crisis even in destination countries can lead to worse cases of racism, discrimination and xenophobia that governments allow, if not encourage.

Migrants in Hong Kong are not new to the WTO for we were also part of the movement that successfully defeated the WTO talks in Hong Kong in 2005. We know that our condition and problems can be laid on the feet of WTO and imperialist globalization.

Our position was clear then and it is still clear now: JUNK WTO! In solidarity with our people and fellow migrants, we shall continue to resist any offensive of imperialism in all spheres and work towards a system that is truly responsive to justice, human rights, and dignity of migrants.

Hong Kong SAR
1 December 2013