新媒體與社會改革: 國際研討會及工作坊
New media and social transformation: conference and workshop

會議日期: 2005年12月9-10日
Conference Date: 9-10, December, 2005

會場: 城市大學鄭翼之樓四樓多媒體會議室
Venue: Multi-media conference room, Floor 4, Cheng Yick-chi Building, City University of Hong Kong

語言: 廣東話、普通話-英語即時傳譯
Language: Cantonese, Putonghau to English simultaneous translation provided

主辦單位 Hosting organization:

獨立媒體(香港) Hong Kong In-Media
嶺南大學文化研究系碩士課程Master of Cultural Studies, Lingnan University

協辦單位 Co-hosting organization:

城市大學當代中國研究中心Contemporary Chinese Research Center, City University

資助團體Funded partially by:

香港中文大學學生會民運基金Democracy Foundation of the Student Union of Chinese University of Hong Kong
Stiftung Umverteilen (德國 Germany)
Comite Catholique de la faim et pour development (法國 France)

伙伴團體 Partner organizations:

破報Pots magazine (台灣Taiwan), 苦勞網Coolloud net (台灣 Taiwan), 香港人民廣播電台Hong Kong people’s radio (香港Hong Kong), Chamsaesang (南韓South Korea), Art and Cultural Outreach (香港Hong Kong), 香港理工大學設計學院Design school, Polytechnic University (香港 Hong Kong), 南韓媒體教育行動 MediAct (南韓South Korea), 香港博客網 HKblogger.com (香港, Hong Kong), 全球獨立媒體中心 Global Independent Media Center, 香港媒體教育資源網 Hong Kong Media Education
Resources Web (香港, Hong Kong), 香港職工會聯盟Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (香港Hong Kong)

會議和工作坊詳情和註冊 Details and registration: http://inmedia-conf.blogspot.com/

查詢電郵 e-mail inquiry: [email protected]



December 2005 will be a month for both governmental and non-governmental gathering in Hong Kong. We expect many independent media will gather in Hong Kong to report on the WTO ministerial meeting, as well as the anti-WTO NGO forum and demonstration. Independent media in Hong Kong has started to flourish in the past few years, after the July 1 demonstration in year 2002; educators also start to explore new media as a mean for civic education or critical pedagogy. We would like to seize this international occasion to organize a series of discussion for independent media groups from all over the world to share their experience in using new media for engaging with the society, and to explore potentials for border-crossing cooperation.

第一節: 參與式新聞採訪與獨立媒體運動

Session one: Participatory journalism and independent media movement

9-12-2005 10:30am-12:30pm


This session aims at exploring and sharing the intellectual, social and political context for participatory journalism and independent media movement. How can independent / internet media transform the society? How is the new media form related with the imagination of the boundary and social relation of our society ? How can it open up spaces within the existing cultural and political spectrum? How does it relate with the emergence or transformation of social and political character of citizen?


Huang Sun Quan: Chief editor of Pots magazine in Taiwan, a founding member of TWIMC and TWblog.

Lee Jong Hoi: President of Chamsaesang (an internet based multi-media in S.Korea, specialized at news concerning NGOs sectors).

Chang Teck-Peng: Editor-in-Chief of newly-established Chinese news website, www.merdekareview.com

Dinesh Wagle, blogger and reporter, founder of United We Blog, Nepal http://www.blog.com.np/

第二節: 全球公民與新媒體

Session two: Global citizen and new media

9-12-2005 2:30pm-5:30pm

大部分主流媒體的視野均受地域限制,而所謂的國際新聞亦大都關於西方或國際關係,被政府與國族的議程所支配。不少新媒體致力於在民眾中創造越界社群。在這一節,我們希望分享一些建立跨地域對話社群的嘗試:新媒體如何促進跨地域對話?如何能跨越語言的障礙及文化背景的差異?在過程中, 面對什麼挑戰?

Most of the mainstream media are very limited in cross-border perspectives, the so-called international news are mostly about the West or highly international relation which is dominated by governmental or nationalistic concerns. Many of the new media aim at creating an international community among people and they are more aware of the communication among non-western world. In this session, we would like to share the experience in the initiative for border-crossing dialogue: How can the new media facilitate border-crossing dialogue? How to transgress language barriers and contextual differences in communication? What are the major challenges for such initiatives?


Gabi Hadl: from indymedia network, IMC was formed in 1999 after the Seattle anti WTO gathering.

Roland Soong: the Author of EastSouthWestNorth, an English blog focusing on News from China and Latin America.

Pranjal Tiwari: Z-net representatives in Hong Kong, editor specializing in Hong Kong and Chinese News. Z-net is an internet based magazine organized by critical intellectuals and independent media workers in U.S.

David Kootnikoff, editor and reporter from Ohmynews based in Hong Kong.

第三節: 新媒體與批判教學法

Session three: New media and critical pedagogy

10-12-2005 10:30pm-12:30pm


What is the relation between new media and citizen education or critical pedagogy? How can we use media to cultivate critical, reflective and engaging subject?


Oiwan Lam: a founding member of Hong Kong In-Media, www.inmediahk.net , which has been actively promoting citizen reporting in their web-based media.

Chitat Chan: convernor of media education resources net www.HKmediaEd.net Phd Candidate in Education, London U, a teacher in creative media.

Jo Dong-won: MediAct from South Korea on media and grassroots education.

Raijeli Nicole, executive director, ISIS International.

第四節: 中文世界的網上媒體

Session four: Internet media in Chinese communities

10-12-2005 2:30pm-5:30pm

回顧近年中文的網上媒體的發展, 以及其對不同中文地區的影響。

A critical review on the development of Chinese internet media in the past few years, its implications for different Chinese communities.


Editor from Coolloud: Coolloud.net is a major web-based alternative media in Taiwan, specialized in news concerning social movements, ngos and globalization.

Yong Kai-Ping: Malaysiakini, Chinese editor

Michael Anti: a journalist-blogger in China.

Jack Qiu: professor from the journalism and communication department in CUHK, a founding member of the Chinese internet research network.

Isaac Mao: an advocator for the development of social software in China.

Au Siu Wai: webmaster of www.blog-you.com (Hong Kong)


Each session would be followed up by a series of questions and comments started off by a number of commentators from different sectors: NGOs, professional journalists, educators, bloggers, BBS webmasters, etc. (the commentators’ list in each session is yet to be confirmed.)

工作坊 Workshop:

1. 新媒體與教學法 New Media and Pedagogy

對象: 教師、社工和其他教育工作者

Target group: This workshop is organized for teachers, social workers and other educators


17-12-2005 14:30pm-17:30pm (A)

2. DIY新媒體 DIY New Media

對象: 有興趣於 WTO 期間當民間記者的朋友, 並願意在未來建立自己的媒體或參與不同獨立/網上媒體工作的朋友

Target group: This workshop is organized for those who would like to join citizen reporting during the WTO period and who would like to build their own media or actively participate in other independent media in the future.

本工作坊與工盟協辦 This workshop is co-hosted with our partner organizations HKCTU

第一節: 獨立媒體運動的脈絡; 簡介媒體工具和技術

Session one: Context of independent media movement and introduction to existing resources and technique for developing your own media.

27-11-2005 14:00pm-18:30pm (A)

第二節: 媒體解毒; DIY民間記者報導; WTO採訪計劃

Session two: Critical reading of mainstream news; Writing workshop; Planning for WTO citizen reporting

3-12-2005 14:00pm-18:30pm (B)

第三節: 分享民間採訪成果; 討論民間記者和獨立媒體運動的發展空間

Session three: Sharing of citizen reports (in comparison with mainstream reports)

Discussing the potentials for citizen reporting practices and independent media movement

17-12-2005 14:00pm-18:30pm (B)

會場 Venue

A. 香港職工會聯盟再培訓中心:九龍彌敦道558-560號 譽發商業大廈3樓

Hong Kong Confederation Trade Unions Employees Retraining Center:3/F, Hamilton. Commercial. Building, 558-. 560 Nathan Road, Kowloon.

B. 香港職工會聯盟:九龍彌敦道557-559 號永旺行15 樓

Hong Kong Confederation Trade Unions

15F., Wing Wong Commercial Building, 557-559 Nathan Road,. Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon, Hong Kong