A Gay Person's Prayer



Dear God,

I have come to You today,
Because, well, You know, I am gay.
The world thinks that this is my choice,
So they refuse to hear my voice.

I have been told that You hate me,
Can this really be a possibility?
They say that I am damned to an eternal hell,
But if I act as if I'm not what I am, all will be well.

But God You know that I have tried,
You know how many times I have cried
You know that I have pleaded for a change,
That my life You would take and rearrange.

But no matter how hard I tried,
No matter how many tears I cried,
Everything inside of me has remained the same,
So I ask You now, who should I blame?

Do I blame the society that is unaware?
Do I blame the people who just do not care?
Do I blame those who sit by and shake their head,
Proclaiming that I would be better off dead?

We have become the lepers of today,
And everything that goes wrong is blamed on those who are gay.
However, I know that I am who I am today,
Because it was You, who made me this way.

I did not choose to purposely disobey,
I did not choose to turn away;
But I have chosen to be who I am,
Without shame and not living a sham.

I have chosen to embrace the gift of love,
For surely, this was a gift from above.
So God, now I ask You take me by the hand,
And help me make others understand.

Remove the blindfolds from their eyes,
Remove their shackles and disapproving cries,
Awaken in them the spirit of love so true,
And let them know that being gay came from You.

-- Mac McClure August 28, 2005